Thursday, February 24, 2011

hello is it me you're looking for?

I wish I wasn't failing so badly at blogging lately!

last night I whipped up this ingenious little marker holder a friend told me about from the book First Art. basically it's plaster of paris in a bucket with marker tops shoved in there.

What I'm amazed at is that ... it seems to work! Even the little demon who LOVES to destroy seems to be putting the markers back into the bucket! no little tops to lose and hopefully a reduced amount of dried out markers.

marker keeper

I've bought a ton of organizing things but still trying to figure out how I want to organize our stash of craft supplies. I saw a rolling cart someone made out of some IKEA closet organizers and I'm honestly leaning towards that so much.

Yesterday we also did something amazing! We played with a salad spinner and put paper at the bottom, dropped some tempera in it and then spun it out to make cool designs. I neglected to take pictures because I am completely unused to being able to take pictures again and need to get back in the habit. My blogging is much more interesting when there are pictures of cute little boys :)


jessica louise said...

i just read about that salad spinner painting project too, and when i was telling noah about it he said it's a work at his school (a montessori preschool). i'm excited to try it out! what did you do with the creations?

Sarakenobi said...

we were going to hang them from paper clips from the ceiling but we haven't done much yet :)