Tuesday, January 12, 2010


so the first week of 2010 was a dismal failure. I went to the gym once during the week, but then I felt so miserable from the sinus infection from hell that I couldn't comfortably breathe and move and I just felt like crap. I went to the gym on Saturday too, and I felt so much better! However, Mike and I did do a lot of massive cleaning this weekend and I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Now that I don't have a sinus infection as an excuse, I've been to the gym once this week and plan to go tonight. I'm not sure I will be brave enough to go to water aerobics, but I will at least run or something.

Landon enjoys going to the gym now and wants to stay longer, so I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try to do water aerobics if I can find my swim suit.

We are going to Washington DC this weekend and I'm very excited. we are going to see Jasper Fforde for a book signing and then more importantly our dear friends Jess and Jake.

I wonder if I shouldn't measure my body and compare it to myself in a year. hmmmm.... i don't have a weightloss goal or anything, but I'm starting to think that I need to do Weight Watchers again. Oliver is almost a year and not getting as much breastmilk as he used to. He's very into solids, so I can't really use breastfeeding as an excuse to eat whatever I want. (although i've stayed the same weight since.... April? I'd like to be thinner. and I'd like to get pregnant sometime in the future, and that is dependent on me being thin and that's a motivation!) When I am running and it's hard (because I'm a pansy, 3 minutes is hard!) I keep thinking that I'm doing this for my kids. why don't I think that when I'm stuffing my face with crumb cake? :(

Sunday, January 3, 2010

This year is going to be FANTASTIC! I am hoping that I haven't bit off more than I can chew!

This is the first year that I haven't picked a resolution involving weight loss! (well last year I don't think I did either, because I was pregnant. my resolution was to have a baby in February and I failed!)

My current resolutions are as follows

1. Run a 5K. We are planning on going to Disney World in October and I plan on running a 5k there. apparently that's nothing so I look forward to it. how to reach my goal? well I have schedule running times 3x a week. I'm using Couch to 5K. I'm almost done with Week 2. last night was the first time I liked running, so I'm really glad and hopeful this will be a great resolution. I ran/walked 2 miles in 25 minutes which is probably pretty sucky but still cool for me. I'd like to alternate water aerobics and running every day of the week(except weekends) to maximize my gym membership. This will be a hard goal to stick with, and I will give myself leeway when we are on vacation and stuff (but try to run when I can) and at least 3x a week.

2. I'd like to be more organized. the disarray that my house is constantly in really puts a damper on my mood. I get stressed out and crazy for no reason. so I'd like to be more organized with meal planning and house cleaning and have more of a set schedule for the boys. I am a creature of non-habit/habit so this will be good for us. How will I reach this goal? I bought 2 calendars. a paper one to hang on the side of the fridge to put down all visits/appointments/vacations throughout the year so we can just glance at it and know when we are doing what. Also, I bought a dry erase calendar that has the schedule of cleaning/gym/appointments for the month. it also has our meals for the month on there as well. I think that with the meal planning it goes without saying that I'll be working on getting the healthiest meals together so our family can focus on health this year as well.


This all starts tomorrow (best to start on a Monday when we go back to our schedule!) and I'm very hopeful. my house is currently a wreck so I can tell you that the first week of cleaning it is going to be hell :)

maybe I can try to blog here once a week to talk about my progress. that'd keep my honest ... right?