Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Roundup!

Boy has it been a busy week! I am now the proud mother of a 4 & 2 year old! I can't believe how fast babies grow. They had nice birthdays and then my dad showed up on Thursday for a nice visit!

We had a big birthday party on Saturday! it was a glow-in-the-dark party. We completely emptied Landon's bedroom and relieved our living room of most of it's furniture. I painted black sheets with neon paint and hung blacklights everywhere. I found blacklight reactive plates and bowls and cups, and served a ton of kid food and had the most delicious cake made by a dear friend. I'd hoped that the white frosting would glow in the blacklight but it didn't. We told all the kids to wear white tshirts and I covered my hallway in white paper and gave them tons of highlighters. they drew all over themselves and the wall for fun effects and ran around screaming for a few hours. I bought 300 glowsticks and used 100 of them, and passed out a lot of the last bit to some of the kids to go home with. It was so much fun we may have to have a reprise in the next few weeks... potluck style!

it has been so busy I'm just now settling down to continue this post!

We had my dad here until Sunday and we started building these Helping Towers for the boys to help in the kitchen easier.

We also went to IKEA and I spent so much money I can't even tell you. I will say that I bought some very exciting storage things and a new couch that converts to a bed (we've used it every single night to watch TV :) ) an ottoman and a few other things. The most exciting thing is the transformation of our office to a craft/school room! I will reveal later, I haven't taken pictures yet!

BUT! here are some pictures in no particular order:

Oliver at the park

one of my new obsessions - light writing! SO FUN!

neighbor gave his old race car to my dad! it was quite a trip trying to get it off it's rotted trailer and onto my dad's.


Landon playing hockey :)




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