Sunday, August 16, 2009

Landon's favorite show on PBS is Super Why. Today we were in Target and he could NOT put away the $15 costume they had with the Why Writer. While I definitely couldn't replicate the Why Writer, I did make a blue cape and a mask! he was bouncing around and he won't take them off. but he also won't stand still for a picture

he really made me feel like a good mom :)

My friend Erin is back from vacation so I'm excited to see her this week! Also we are headed to Emerald Isle on Tuesday to Wednesday to meet up with a friend. YAY BEACH TIME!

We went for a walk and Landon wanted to wear his Super Why costume the entire time. the best part is that we also found a bike someone was throwing away. it was pink and they painted it purple but it has training wheels and I'm stoked about it's promise. of course we were 3 blocks from home and Landon HAD to ride it all the way home (and he can't actually pedal so...) but I plan on getting a helmet for him and pumping up the tires tomorrow!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

*part* of Landon's lunch today. the FUN part anyways :)

hot dog fish! you can make four fish per dog. I think they'd be cooler with a bit of work, but I just took a knife and sliced the tail into triangles and then scored the outer part of the hot dog and tried to cut out eyes. I bet you could make eyes better... I saw some really cute ones and followed her directions here. This is so much fun :)

Landon's reaction = "NUMMY NUMMY NUMMY NUMMY!!!" which was better than the apple bunnies but completely expected :-p

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lately Landon has been obsessed with Transformers. as a bad parent, I indulge in this. once it involved running to the store to purchase Transformers underwear when his Cars and Disney ones wouldn't do. the other morning we had a conversation as follows:
LP"Boptibus prime on my BUTT! Transformers on my PENIS!!! he's on my butt mommy!"
ME"that's nice honey. that's what underwear are for"
LP"see it? see my butt? see my penis? see it?"
ME"YES Landon, I see Optimus Prime on your butt. it's so cool"

etc etc etc. well yesterday I bought a Megatron Robot Hero for him to add to the 4 transformers he already has. they come in packs of 2 so he has six total. Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Unicron and 2 more who we call random people (currently they are "Bulkhead and Starscream") ANYWHO. Landon got the camera out and was taking their pictures and lining them up. Transformers school picture day:

"Cheese Megatron!"

I helped him for some

cheese everybodies cheese! transform and roll out! do it bumblebee!

it entertained mr. Unimpressed...

This morning I was feeling blah so I made apple bunnies for Landon's lunch...

lunch -- grilled cheese with the crusts cut off, diced carrots and apple bunnies!

maybe he would have eaten them if they had a face?

I thought they were tasty anyways. he had.. carrots :-p and then randomly fell asleep on the couch drinking apple juice. Oliver was stirring but magic boobs = naptime for all!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Marbles Children's Museum

This morning Oliver Landon and I went to Marbles in Raleigh. it is just a few blocks from Mike's work. I went outside and found that the umbrella stroller is no longer functioning, so I had to run to Target beforehand. I bought a cute little green stroller with animals on it and an umbrella for each of us. my umbrella was way too expensive, but I didn't know! I thought it was $10 :/ anyways, we raced to the museum to meet our friends and I didn't have scissors so the stroller wouldn't open. I wore Oliver in a Hotsling and tried to pull Landon along. it's hard to do anything with a two year old because they just are slowpokes. He COMES he just takes longer than a snail to do it. he carried his Transformers umbrella and wished it was raining harder. it took forever and a half to walk there. we had a lot of fun playing in their toddler section and then we headed over and met Mike for lunch. have I mentioned it takes 100x longer to do anything with Toddlers? Landon sat and behaved during the meal and I had a delicious flatbread with spinach and artichokes and feta and sundried tomatoes. then Mike helped them get back into the car. Landon was upset to see Mike go, and he was ready for a nap, so he cried for Mike all the way out of Raleigh. until he saw a police car. he wanted the police car to turn his lights on, but of course unless I started doing anything illegal that wasn't going to happen. mid-cry Landon passed out and slept all the way home.

Now I'm home and the kids are refreshed and raring to go and I just want a nap. it's so exhausting to get your 2 year old to behave in public. "Landon get down! Landon don't climb up there you could ge thurt! Landon watch for cars! Landon, you can't run into the road! LANDON LANDON LANDON LANDON!"

I've heard it will get worse when Oliver's walking. LORD HELP ME :-p

speaking of growing boys -- Oliver's first tooth popped through last night! he's chewing on everything and the difference is before it was just pressure now it's painful! I wish they had been his top two teeth -- then he could have been like Sunny Baudelaire in the Lemony Snicket books, but alas, it was his bottom. hopefully the top two will come in and then he will learn how to cook and climb things with his teeth.

please someone remind me that I need to go to bed earlier.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OK I'm going to try this again! will be posting updates on t he family and pictures and stuff. because I'm not busy enough!