Wednesday, March 9, 2011

when I grow up...

We have been incredibly busy but I can't think of why at the moment... it's just felt so busy! Maybe I'm running on a hamster wheel or something.

We have been trying to spring clean and get a lot of time outdoors. I'm taking a photography class every other week in Chapel Hill and that was the majority of our week last week, working on the assignment. I had to find the alphabet in nature -- we couldn't use any letters that were ACTUAL letters.

This was mine:
alphabet final

I'm particularly proud of the I because it's the markings on a pot-bellied pig.

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do when I grow up. (if?) part of me will always want to be a children's librarian (well, YA) but I realize that this isn't exactly easy to get into right now. I was thinking about all the reasons why I'd like to do it and came up with something else I truly enjoy : preschoolers. You are probably thinking right now how much I'm crazy. I get so frustrated sometimes with my own kids, but I love having a ton of kids running crazy all over my house. This led me to thinking that I could get a certification in preschool education, but I don't think I'm brave enough to run a preschool from my house -- it's just not big enough. So I started thinking about one of my favorite bloggers EVER - Pink and Green Mama and how she runs all these super fun art camps for her neighborhood kids and stuff. I started thinking about this around Christmas time and haven't stopped. This is something I want to do. I've kind of mentioned it in passing to a few friends but no one has really said anything, so maybe they realize something I don't? I know that when preschool lets out a few of my friends aren't going to be thrilled to have their kids around with no break, and I'd rather not be left alone with my two kids so it's a win-win. I'd only charge for the art supplies and other things we would use(a blanket fee of $20 dollars probably).

What do you think?

I'm hoping that by the end of March I will have the house in order. I'm going to have the craft room organized so things are easy to find. THEN I'm moving on to the bedroom and re-decorating in there. that should be by the end of April. Next will be the living room, by the end of May. within that time I should be tossing and cleaning and organizing and getting the house ready to really live in (we've been here for almost 6 years... it's time)

What I really need is a studio in the back that doesn't care if there is finger paint on the walls. not that I care here all the time, but maybe it would be nice to live in a grown-up house.

NOW to show you some pictures :

the boys dressed up like pirates and we took the pirate ship to the Science Museum on Monday. I made Oliver's costume, fixed the mast on the ship and made two wooden swords in under a half hour. I have a Phd in Awesome.

I want DESPERATELY for this owl to come deliver my mail and get a few neck scritches.


We also did a mini impromptu photoshoot over the weekend... my only sad is that the rock we sat on was shaped like this \ so the pictures look funny.





darknight said...

You win at photography.

Sarakenobi said...

hahah! thanks :)