Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sunset in Emerald Isle

Our family is enjoying time spent at a friend's house (while they are away!) in Emerald Isle, NC. We have romanticized the beach and made it sort of our main goal in life to be able to move out here somewhere near the coast. Emerald Isle is really pretty and there is an awesome bridge that Landon and Oliver enjoy traveling over to get here. I went on the bridge last night and took some pictures. probably 300 of them, deleted half of them and still have a ridiculous amount. I am so happy with how some of them turned out. At some point this weekend I need to chronicle my New Year's resolutions but what I want to do now is show you my pictures :)

Sunset pictures I like










I tried a ton of settings on the camera and I didn't have my tripod so I'm glad that they turned out so well! This makes me itch for a few more lenses and for my photography class to start in a few weeks!

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