Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions

New year, new goals, new ways to procrastinate on a post about my hopes and dreams for 2011.

I'll just lay it out here. I'm not very organized with blogging anymore and I'm jealous of my friends who have amazing blogs. I want to work on that, because I'm amazing and awesome and you know you want to read more about how I work.

My life is chaos. Generally I enjoy it, but sometimes I get buried under a pile of crap and I can't make my way out. December was my pile of crap. I just opened an Etsy and then panicked as people asked me to make them things. Don't think for a minute I was sad that people wanted stuff, I loved every single minute of crafting for other people. I think the part that was frustrating was that my house was sorely neglected for about 6 weeks and I just have to reorganize everything. Good thing there are time limits! I'm planning on throwing the boys a double birthday party (best idea I never planned) and I'm planning on having it here. *gasp* the **PLAN** will be to empty out the living room of everything except the table/bench and couch, clean out the hallway and empty Landon's room into our bedroom and guest room. Landon has decided he wants a glow-in-the-dark party and I'm bursting at the seams with ideas. The best part is that I have to clean up, sure, but if there is finger paint on my walls, as long as it isn't black light reactive, it's not going to be seen! Anyways, other than my belated Christmas presents to my poor nephews and niece, I'm putting myself on a crafting hiatus. This is hard, because I have about 100 ideas of things to get going on. I'll have to write all about how I can't do them or something over at that other blog of mine.

After I dig myself out of hurricane Sara I will be moving on towards a super strict organizational style that I will hate until I grow to love it. I have a list of stuff I have to do each day and I don't get to do fun things until I do it. that's a good reward right?

Another thing that will happen relatively soon is a chore chart. I plan on making a super crafty one (duh) but for now I've printed one off for each of the boys and will pick up stickers tomorrow. Landon is STOKED. If I can keep them motivated, perhaps I can keep myself motivated. I did well at the beginning of last year, but since I didn't blog about it it didn't happen.

I need to lose weight. I'm stuck here at about 25lbs more to lose, and I have been floundering. My scale broke last week so I won't know how much I gained over Christmas (FATE!?) so I think that I will be winging it for the time being. I plan on doing a few classes at the gym and a lot of treadmilling. Landon can't wait, he LOVES going to the gym.

I need to lose weight, and the goal is to lose it all by March. it's a lofty goal, but I think I can probably reach it. that gives me some stretch for bathing suit season and then I think in the fall we are going to start considering adding another family member. It has been on both of our minds since I had such...interesting pregnancies in the past. With Oliver reaching towards 2, we are being flooded with memories of how Landon was at this age, when I was pregnant, in the hospital on bed rest and the adorable little things Landon would do for me (like bring me a cup to pee in while I was in the bathroom and measuring his tummy like they do at prenatal appointments). There is actually a lot of work that goes a long with this idea, and so I need to be in good shape, low weight and some other tricks up my sleeve for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

I'm going to ramp up my vegetable and fruit servings by a LOT. more eating those and less carbs. I'm not giving up coffee. I'm not eating after 8pm.

I'd like to blog more. I'd like to craft more. I'd like to clean more. I'd like to eat better. I'd like a stricter schedule. I'd like to begin testing the homeschooling waters with Landon. I want to be a better friend, better wife and mother and overall better person. I want to put my family first and work on my temper.

/word vomit

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