Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow day!

Last night we went to bed with snow falling -- and it didn't stop! *AND* it stayed on the ground all day. I am from Michigan, so I don't necessarily like snow. I'm used to it, I have great memories of it, but honestly, I can do without it. My kids, and their magnificent wonder at all things new and fun, dragged me outside to play. I tried to say no, but I went out. it was nice, not bitter cold but pretty cool. They had a blast, and plan on more tomorrow.

This entire week was such a terrible week, I'm actually relieved Christmas is over. I wasn't prepared to deal with a lot of the things I had planned. I enjoyed December I think I just felt very frustrated. I have so many plans but no organizational skills. That's my plan this week. TO better schedule our lives in the following year.

Landon and Oliver are a great pair of kids, and they do enjoy chaos. This past few weeks they've been INSANE. Landon is not listening and just doing things for attention. He even spraypainted my car. That's right. I saw him eyeballing the spraypaint can on my porch. Told him "don't you even think about it!" ran inside to grab the diaper bag, and came out to the smell of spray paint in the air and a hiding 3 year old. he spraypainted my front bumper and back tail lights a nice primer gray. I didn't kill him! applause is necessary.

Anyways, one of my goals this year is to post more than pictuers. HOWEVER, here are snow pictures!




Mike cleaned off the car, which was the boys favorite part!

their favorite part was snowballs...







Kids are over, feel free to skip : a few snow shots including my cute little house.




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