Monday, March 8, 2010

Wow. what a week. I didn't go to the gym, ate whatever I wanted and acted like a fool. I'll blame my period but really there is no excuse. to be fair, i really only went over my calorie limits 2 times, but that's 2 more times than I had the entire time I've been counting.

I didn't weigh myself this morning, mostly because I forgot before I dressed myself. 176.6 with clothing on doesn't count. I probably didn't gain or lose this week and I suppose that's just fine with me.

I had a secret goal of being under 170 this week but I certainly fucked that up. ah, well. at least I will only be bleeding a little bit when I have my obgyn appointment tomorrow.

my goals this week are to hit the gym -- and hit it hard. I will miss water aerobics for a birthday party tomorrow but I definitely have it planned for Thursday. I'm hoping to go to the gym this afternoon -- we will see how the kids feel. Oliver had a fever yesterday and Landon is still sleeping which is unusual for him, so maybe we will have to stay home because they aren't up to much. I do plan on going to the park this morning with our friends though. I have cookie cutters to pick up from freecycle as well. I think speed cleaning might be a better idea than the gym:) Our washer exploded yesterday and i need to clean up the aftermath. we were sitting in the kitchen when all of a sudden Mike and I hear gushing water. we turn to the washer and wter is STREAMING out the bottom. we yell "holy shit!!!" in unison and so does Landon. we raced to get towels and blankets but the water went into every single room of our house!! it was crazy! we had to put everything on the fence outside but nothing seems ruined and we already fixed the washer so that's good.

I'm dying to get into Bento again, and this time I think I'm going to suck it up and buy some vegetable cutters online.

Overall I'm impressed with how I'm changing this year.

I'm hoping to really work on cutting my calorie intake this week and moving towards a lower calorie/more weight lost after this. My dad is coming in April and I'd like to be in the solid 160s, which would be about 10lbs less than I am now.

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