Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm feeling very discouraged today. I am blaming my hormones, but I'm really frustrated. It has nothing to do with my weight, only my mood. Yesterday I felt like World's Worst Mother because I let the eldest watch TV all day. I didn't really feel like doing anything all day, and he was sick so we decided to just lay around.

I'm seriously lacking energy and attitude again today. I'm forcing us to go to the museum and to water aerobics tonight, but I'd rather just stay around and eat. I'm really focusing on mood-eating this week I guess because I dont' THINK I went over my calorie limit yesterday but I'm a lb heavier. I'll blame bloat, not poor choices.

I watched Sunday's Desperate Housewives, and Gabby has to leave her family because the girls have chicken pox and she hasn't had them. so she moves in with the childless gay couple down the street, and quickly remembers HOW FUN it is being single! in the end of the episode she finds out that they want her life and she wants their life and it makes her appreciate her life more. "at home I have to drink this in a Scooby Doo sippy cup!" haha. it was good because sometimes I do think "Gosh, would I still be FANTASTIC friends with so-and-so if we didn't have kids? I'm really missing a friend today and it's making me sad :(

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