Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm chugging along! I feel kind of amazing this week. I'm sitting at 171 lbs even, which means I'm losing weight!

after two weeks of not going to the gym, I practically danced all the way there I was so excited. I love water aerobics so much. I think it's such a nice feeling to be pleasantly sore, and yesterday was all weights. (which are foam, and fun under the water)

Sad news is that while walking around town yesterday our new jogging stroller broke. the front wheel went careening off it and I had to wheel the kids home very awkwardly.

I think the biggest thing that I've noticed is that if I go over my calorie count I don't freak out, I just recognize it hinders faster weightloss and move on. that is a HUGE deal to me. When I did Weight Watchers I knew I could "save" up my flex points and splurge, but with the counting calories I had a really hard time allowing myself to get too close to the maximum of recommended calories. Yesterday I was hungry before bed, so I grabbed a yogurt. I didn't calculate my calories for dinner, but I estimate (high) and knew that the yogurt would put me over. I did the yogurt anyways and didn't feel guilty at all. and it was amazing!

anyways, I'm officially own 15lbs from Christmas :)

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