Friday, February 19, 2010

I can't seem to get past the mental block that I can only run 3 minutes in a row. in fact, I didn't go to the gym Monday because the kids were sleeping and it was Mike's birthday, I went for a brief run with Erin and tonight it's doubtful I'll go because I'll be in Cary with my friend Kate. I'm frustrated with myself for refusing to run!

I am 176.2 lbs this morning so weight loss is moving along!

i snacked yesterday but it was with healthy foods like hummus and ants on a log. I had a delicious dinner and ate way too many tacos but stayed at the low end of my calorie recommend.

I won't lie though. today I want nothing more than a Big Mac and fries with a HUGE diet coke.

more healthy snacking goals for next week, and counting water. I'm dehydrated this morning and I realize I had less than 2 glasses of water all day.

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