Sunday, August 16, 2009

Landon's favorite show on PBS is Super Why. Today we were in Target and he could NOT put away the $15 costume they had with the Why Writer. While I definitely couldn't replicate the Why Writer, I did make a blue cape and a mask! he was bouncing around and he won't take them off. but he also won't stand still for a picture

he really made me feel like a good mom :)

My friend Erin is back from vacation so I'm excited to see her this week! Also we are headed to Emerald Isle on Tuesday to Wednesday to meet up with a friend. YAY BEACH TIME!

We went for a walk and Landon wanted to wear his Super Why costume the entire time. the best part is that we also found a bike someone was throwing away. it was pink and they painted it purple but it has training wheels and I'm stoked about it's promise. of course we were 3 blocks from home and Landon HAD to ride it all the way home (and he can't actually pedal so...) but I plan on getting a helmet for him and pumping up the tires tomorrow!

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