Friday, August 14, 2009

Lately Landon has been obsessed with Transformers. as a bad parent, I indulge in this. once it involved running to the store to purchase Transformers underwear when his Cars and Disney ones wouldn't do. the other morning we had a conversation as follows:
LP"Boptibus prime on my BUTT! Transformers on my PENIS!!! he's on my butt mommy!"
ME"that's nice honey. that's what underwear are for"
LP"see it? see my butt? see my penis? see it?"
ME"YES Landon, I see Optimus Prime on your butt. it's so cool"

etc etc etc. well yesterday I bought a Megatron Robot Hero for him to add to the 4 transformers he already has. they come in packs of 2 so he has six total. Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Unicron and 2 more who we call random people (currently they are "Bulkhead and Starscream") ANYWHO. Landon got the camera out and was taking their pictures and lining them up. Transformers school picture day:

"Cheese Megatron!"

I helped him for some

cheese everybodies cheese! transform and roll out! do it bumblebee!

it entertained mr. Unimpressed...

This morning I was feeling blah so I made apple bunnies for Landon's lunch...

lunch -- grilled cheese with the crusts cut off, diced carrots and apple bunnies!

maybe he would have eaten them if they had a face?

I thought they were tasty anyways. he had.. carrots :-p and then randomly fell asleep on the couch drinking apple juice. Oliver was stirring but magic boobs = naptime for all!!!

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