Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm on a blogroll (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA) so I might as well update here.

kid's are alive. Oliver is potty trained. I'm terrible about blogging everything. Landon is taking ice skating lessons so he can play hockey. we are trying to clean the house. it's never ending.

welp that about does it.

oh you wanted pictures?

here are a few of my favorites from the past 100 years.

Nice day at the park, and our yard

State Fair

Landon rode rollercoasters

Oliver: you really let me walk around the NC State Fair without a shirt? thanks mom.

getting pumpkins

face paint!

apparently Landon can write his name. who knew?

we love paint

...almost as much as we love Star Wars

Landon learned to ride a 2-wheel bike!

somebody let Oliver into the markers and didn't notice (hint: NOT SARA)

Oliver is hilarious (and again, potty trained!)

Landon is a little hilarious. we went to Marbles and he learned he has a passion for HOCKEY (hence the skating lessons)

oooh Flickr effects.

there. that's what's up since July.

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