Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's a holiday but that's not my excuse

This week I got cocky. I went over my calories all week. not necessarily by a lot, but usually between 1700-2000 calories. On Thursday I was 167, which is still almost a lb down from Monday's weigh-in but I haven't seen any 6 at all this weekend. I really went over a few times, but not too horribly.

I hit the gym twice this week and went for a walk once. I made sure to keep active with the boys, something I never used to do. I love that we can go to the NC Life Science museum because I am forced to walk around a lot to see the different things.

This week my dad comes to visit. I'm really nervous because he's a diner and buffet kind of guy who doesn't really eat vegetables or very healthily at all. I'm really going to struggle to keep up with calorie counting without making him feel weird I think. then again, I might be a healthy influence on him, who knows. I really need to think about food that I can make that is healthy and very tasty for him. I think probably along the lines of spicy. maybe a lot of stuff on the grill? I am nervous because I don't want to sabotage myself while he's here. I want to keep losing and not get out of this habit of health.

I am also hoping this week to try a BOSU class on Monday. Water aerobics on Tuesday, spinning on Wednesday and we are doing a girl's night out on Thursday so I might skip the gym only because my dad will be here and I don't want to be away from him for so long.

Going to the gym will be hard because he's here and we will be busy. we have a list of things to do and I'm so excited. we will be very active and working around the house and I need to remember that even if I'm not at the gym I'm still active and getting my body moving.

Landon and I are talking frequently about how to be healthy . He and I talk about how moving our bodies in different ways is good for it. We talk about what kind of foods are healthy and what are treats, what we can eat all the time and what we can have on special occasions. I'm trying very carefully to refrain from saying "I'm fat!" but explaining that everyone has different body types and it's ok, but to be healthy we need to eat right and move our bodies. it's why we go to the gym, why we eat vegetables and why we run around and play outside of the gym. It's why we limit television and candy.

I like the way we are moving to be healthy.

I was in a study/am in a study at Duke that focuses on preventing childhood obesity. it's for obese/overweight mothers and they follow us for 2 years. they gave us 8 months of healthy tips and parenting ideas. each month someone called me to see how I was doing and she told me she was so proud of me this week. it was kind of sad that it was the last week of having her call me because I was struggling to get to the museum. Anyways, I knew I was doing awesome and that we are making a lot of positive changes in our family health, but it's nice to hear from someone who has no attachment to me at all. I will go in for a weigh-in sometime in the near future, and we will have to wear activity monitors for a week again. it will be interesting to see if Landon will be so easy to wear it again.

Anyways, this post turned into a thing about how awesome I am, and it's true. I do need to work on those calories this week. losing so fast is nice and I want to keep going. I have a long way to go.

also at 165 I want a nose ring.

maybe that's why I'm not losing this week lol.

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