Thursday, February 11, 2010

WOW. This week was off to a rough start. I was really upset with the weight gain and how I seemed to have gained my first week of counting calories and making poor choices. I haven't gotten the snacking completely under control and I'm bordering the highest calories recommended for weight loss according to but I weighed myself this morning and I'm 177 lbs. I went to the gym for the past two days.

Tuesday is water aerobics. don't laugh! it's really hard. we did something called the pyramid where you build off each move and keep adding on and repeating. It was a great workout. the best part of water aerobics is you don't feel like you are working so hard as you are in running, so it's like a break from that, but when I get home I feel so pleasantly warm and tired and lovely.

Wednesday I did week 3 of C25k. I like this week and I'm having a hard time working myself up to run any more than 3 minutes. I will try next week but I'm not looking forward to it as 3 minutes consistently kicks my ass. last night was particularly hard and disappointing. I text messaged Mike during the 3 minute run because it was so so so hard and I was going to have to stop. I was so so upset, and hit "cool down" to slow the treadmill down, when I realized I was running up hill WTF? I was running on a 3.5 incline. walking fast/running for 15 minutes before I realized it! I felt better about failing, and continued the run and now my butt hurts this morning.

Tonight is cardio water aerobics. I'm very nervous for it! haha...

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