Tuesday, September 1, 2009

picture post!

we are getting a fenced in yard! I'm so excited! they said 7-10 days so unfortunately it won't be up before we leave for Atlanta on Friday.
THis week has been so hard. more later, my priority right now is pictures!

We worked on clearing out the yard where the fence will go in this weekend and Landon got gloves to help Mike

they cut down weeds and stuff in the way back of our house so that the fence people could get back there. the neighbors behind us actually have a fence so we just have to meet up with theirs.

While the menfolk toiled, Ollie went swimming in his new swimming pool. isn't it so cute? it's for 18 months + but I can't see an 18 monther enjoying it as much as he was. i filled it with an inch of water and he just sat there and splashed around for hours in the shade.

then again, Landon wanted to get in...

just a splashy video :)

first time with a sippy. I was very excited to be the only source of food and I didn't ever want to introduce a bottle or anything but that is getting old because I can't go an hour at the gym without him being upset. tonight he has a new one and I think he likes it better.

one of the few times Mike managed to put Oliver to sleep :) JUST after he put Landon to sleep :

the other morning I found them like that (I got up before them and Oliver fell asleep during his morning nurse so I just got up and drank coffee and then went in to check on them with the camera!)

by the gym, there is a comic book store that had a GIANT Optimus Prime. we stopped as a reward to see it. Landon was very enthusiastic but he was sad it wasn't Megatron. he was calling "Megatron, where are you? where at Megatron!" when we got back in the car...

cute boy :)

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