Tuesday, June 1, 2010

blah. I woke up full of hope and excited to look at the scale yesterday after a week of really hard work (and no exercise because of the broken toe situation) and all that hard work really paid off! 164.6 lbs! that's a 3.2 lb loss for last week!

but maybe it was because I was sick, because today the scale reads 167.

so as a rule I don't let this stuff bother me, but today it really bothered me. i feel like I'm never going to get out of the 160s.

and since I'm dying of the flu I can't even get a workout in at all. i'm eating to satisfy my hunger (and soothe my raw raw raw throat) and I definitely am not going out of my low calorie range.

I just don't understand why I didn't lose weight last week.

I'm ready to be weaning Oliver purely so that I can lose weight and that's not fair to him! I can do this I know I can, but I feel like right now I can't. this is where I plateaued last time and then I got pregnant. I won't get pregnant now but I don't know how to break this.

maybe as soon as I'm not dying I will work on busting my ass at exercise. I was hoping to be 10 lbs down by end of June :(

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Janine Garner said...

Oh hon I'm sorry. & I know being sick is just making it that much more difficult. :(