Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm noticing this week that when I'm struggling with stress I want salty things. I was so proud of myself yesterday after having a horrible day I really kept wanting to make bad choices but I didn't! Because of that, I was rewarded with a number on my scale I haven't seen since last spring when I had the stomach flu! 169.8! it's just barely in a different category but SO MUCH SKINNIER than 170 ;)

Last night I dragged myself to water aerobics. I'm kind of sad Vicki doesn't teach anymore on Thursdays, I'm interested to see if she will return. otherwise I might have to try a different class. last night was a lot of balance and a bit of strength but I just don't feel like I really burned calories or it was worth it. I really like the instructor but I feel like I can't even try hard enough to get my heart rate up. maybe I should suck it up and try spinning or zumba (still scared to go to a dance class)

I'm not beating myself up over toddler eating habits. yesterday Landon ate string cheese, a banana, turkey breast, corn on the cob, and v8 strawberry banana. I felt like he was eating all day too, but when I list it it's not a lot.

I'm trying to channel my friend Holly and start cleaning the house. I'm very ashamed at how it looks right now after weeks of keeping it moderately clean. ALL of a sudden I feel like cleaning but I don't have the energy.

heading to a friend's house this afternoon and then photography class afterwards. here's to healthy choices all day!

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