Friday, February 26, 2010

Have I mentioned just how much I love water aerobics? as it's the only exercise I've managed this week short of chasing kids on the playground, I am contemplating dropping the 5k and just taking more classes. but I DO want to run in a 5k so I'm feeling torn about it as I told EVERYONE and their brother that's what I'm going to do. sooooooooo I'm going to just have to add more workouts to the schedule :) I could get crazy and start taking 5am classes or something HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

i think that the worst part is that there isn't a written explanation of the classes at the gym, so you have to ask. when something says "boot camp" or "cardio sculpt" you don't really know what you are in for... although I'm very interested in trying step and zumba, but not so much belly dancing (although I bet it would be great for my abs... maybe I can figure out a way to add some of those classes to my week. they offer step on Wednesdays at 530 and zumba on friday night!

anyways I'm down to 174 today (173.8 yesterday so I know at least my efforts are working!

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