Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After seriously 2 months of standing up in a "push-up" stance and being so frustrated with not walking, Oliver is finally crawling forward!

this video is really not him crawling forward but you can see his fancy footwork. he's been doing this for about a month, we thought "THIS IS THE DAY!" pretty much since the beginning of August :-p

this is him crawling a few steps!

I love this picture of Landon -- it's a HILARIOUS face!!

Landon just recently started taking baths with Oliver -- they both enjoy it and it's good for Landon to start sharing his toys...

some Ollie talk and crawling (Landon has to be the center of attention!)

one of our friends gave us a chrysalis and I put it in a jar on the TV and I forgot about it and suddenly yesterday it hatched and flew around the room!! we watched it dry it's wings and then put it outside!

Landon fell asleep standing up...

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